Reviews for "CU-Thanksgiving Special"


The star wars kameo was funny.Eny way I (have said this at least two times but) this was so good I could not of thaught of eny thing to say or give tips on I mean the drawing was good,style was original and funny and the sound was great.it did not have to have violence to be good and it was an over all hit.
But I still think that making a ThanksGiving flash is a bad idea because us (canadiens, and yes... I know we say Eh alot but not that much actualy, eny way) have ThanksGiving in October but it was good im voting 5 out of 5

lol pretty funny

im sue c3po and he-man did do all of that...i swear!

I thought you forgot about us Newgrounders =(

Nice deleted Scene lol, Over all the whole flash was funny Shorter then most C.U o well.

Parks2 responds:

We'd never leave you guys!
Well this is a "short" version of CU. We've been putting these out inbetween the larger episodes while they get animated
Thanks for the review!

Very nice

thats exactly how it happened too !

that was freaking hilarious

that was so frickin funny thts was awsome