Reviews for "CU-Thanksgiving Special"


Awesome man, I liked the chacters you had in it, and the deleted scene was funny aswell but see why it had to be a deleted scene seeing as it really had no point to the flash. But I give you a thumbs up on using the Cleveland Indians mascot as a chacter for the indians I would have thought it up myself.

Hahaha, nothing like a true thanksgiving.

That was awesome. I loved the characters used for the reinactment. Great graphics and sound. I loved the sound for 'The First Thanksgiving'



Not bad, not bad at all. I somehow felt that a lot of the references eluded me (Blame it on being a 18 year old canadain female) but what I did get, I quite enjoyed. A unique sense of humor that`s true-to-life.

Nicely Done!

Very good guys, this is probably my favourite submission by you guys since the last actual College University episode. This one had the same great sound and visuals that your other submissions have, but the humour was more my style in this one. Theres nothing that really harmed it much, just a few things that could be slightly improved here and there. I mean you had everything you needed to, but somethings could be executed with a bit more originality i guess is the best way of putting it. Anyways here is my review.

The graphics were awesome, truthfully, i didnt pay much attention to the title until i saw the characters. I knew it was you guys right away, in other words you guys have a very good and distinct animating style. The colours are always well done with you guys as well, they arent too complex but they definitely suit the movie. The animation was really good too, every aspect of your visuals basically fit in together quite nicely. The style was great too, i would like it if maybe it was a bit longer, and maybe a bit more structured. I mean there was a bit of a story but not a real point to it. The presentation was good anyways, it was funny and you actually put effort into this. The sound was great too, great voice acting as always. And sufficient sound effects as well, nothing amazed me here but it was all good none the less.

Overall this was a great movie, and very done on all aspects. I like how you guys are always consistant with your stuff, its just one of the signs of great artists. I hope you guys make more good animations very soon!
~Two Thumbs Way Up! 4/5

Parks2 responds:

Hey thanks for the detailed review- glad you liked it and took the time to write such a thought out review...
We'll keep working on the little points and storylines to make the show great...Thanks!


that was awsome even with all the SW kameos. that was just fuckin hilarious man you did a good job.