Reviews for "CU-Thanksgiving Special"

Hilarious Thanksgiving Flash!

The graphics were great, and the sound quality was nice, with well done voiceovers. I loved the depiction of the first Thanksgiving presented here! The use of action figures was great, and the other guy's interruptions made it really funny, and the football bit was great! The ending was hilarious! And of course, happy Thanksgiving.


This was really enjoyable in a simple and pleasent-for-all kind of way. Great job with the subtle humour, I love this animation! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Friggin' Awesome

This was great! The animation was smooth, the sound was good, the plot was excellent. It was hilarious. I hope you keep doing more of these. Chewy does have one awesome wookie stash!

John madden on steroids......now thats funny!

overall i love this short cuz in a way it made me drop a tear for the indians seing as the mexicans also lost their lands......good job keep it up!!!

I had a good chuckle

Good job! Definately funny in a cute way.