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Reviews for "NewbieScape"


good game also if uwant runescape stuff im a loving perso nwho becomes frequently rich then spends it and i give money away for free because it is no matter for me anyways,gr8 movie and hope you make another couple of this movie

Lopaxe responds:

thx, xmas edition is coming on xmas!


not very good but better than other crap you made

Lopaxe responds:

very nice of you. vote 5 on next one=]

I'm loling

I don't mind that its a parody of my favorite game, it was still funny. It reminded me a lot of RSC, like in the fight scene. The graphics were alright, but then again, its a parody of RS, so what can I expect. The music and voice overs were done very well. I have to say that I thouroughly enjoyed this flash

Lopaxe responds:

thx for review. i am making second part of that movie at the moment. i already have the script and startet it. i have some of the voices too. i hope next part will come through, VOTE 5! thx for review

It could be better

The animation was alright, to be fair... I think it suited the idea of RuneScape quite well, as the walking is quite badly animated to be honest, so if that was your intention, then you pulled it off quite well. The sound was your failing point, and the voice acting wasn't very good, sorry. As well as that you recycled old Simpsons jokes, which were detrimental to your score. However, your fighting sequences were quite funny, they looked just like that on RuneScape, and the music that accompanied it seemed to fit alright. All in all, it needed just a bit of an improvement for it to be a decent animation, as it stands, it's just mediocre. Nice try.

Lopaxe responds:

well... this thing got through. i will make a second part of this movie. i will try to improve walking and do better sounds. my friend that acted voices lives far away from my house(like 9000 km) so we wirte em through msn. it's quite hard to tell what to do when ur far away. thanx for criticism

Funny but....

Runescape is a awsome game! Its true there are noobs out there but thats why you buy member ship! It was funny but kinda stupid.