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Reviews for "NewbieScape"


varrok is a city of noobs.
SamSabre12 says u r good

Lopaxe responds:

SamSabre12 is right


this is pretty good, but you stole a joke from the Simpsons, how pathetic

Well, you got one thing right.

Varrok IS a city of noobs..Might go knock some around. If you care, name's Zetsuel on there. Add if you want, or don't. Decent submission, nothing super special.

Lopaxe responds:

true.. nothing special

I have this cute lil game....

Where i put myself in the position of a flash author and find out how i would feel about his movie in his postition, when i did it on you, i felt tremendous shame XD

Dude the jokes are so weak, work on ur acting ffs

Oh dear, you have died!

I do not play Runescape anymore. Too full of n00bs!!

OMG!! Are you French?