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Reviews for "NewbieScape"

Not Bad...

I started watching this and almost stopped. Watching an rs guy get killed by an alien was jsut too random for a spoof, but as I watched the movie realyl got a lot better. I agree with the one who reviewed this before me, you did an excellent job showing a noobs personality and basic reactions. Though I would say Lumbridge is mroe of the noob town and Varrok is more of the smithing, battle staff making, herblore mixing, world 2 trading town. But I'm not complaining about it =9. The voices were a bit abd but if you click the screen the right way it almost blends with each other right. Great idea by the way, decided to bump you interactiviy up for that =9. The fighting was great, a little low def but that is in reality, true rs fighting lol. I think you did a really great job and I'm off to watch and review your other newbiescape movies right now ^_^


That was very good, you really captured the noob personality (except most noobs are waaaaaaaay more beligerant). Let's face it, any free world is a noob world, not just Varrock (which is still my favorite city because its where I grew up as a noob).

The graphics didn't bother me at all and the dialouge was great. The combat was also super, the noob running up and getting slaughtered.

Whats ur RS level? are you a noob?

Wussap, thats kinda crappy, but all the places, prices, the looks? accually. the looks of people sux donkey balls, dude, but the place, Lumbridge, Varrok, (P.S. Its VarRok, not varok, dumb ass)

Another thing, i have been looking in the reviews and the last 5 havent talked about RS, just say it sux/rocks, oh well, if you want me to help (unless your a level 50+) ill be happy to assist you, im a member too.

My Username's Ganton 3
and i...usualy go to world 23...

(fuckin 1337 n008, 0h 5h17, 1'm 741|(1N9 1337 700!)

This Made Me Wanna Play Runescape Again

This was a totaly awesome submission keep up the good work

gimme' some free stuff.

lol funny as hell. OH BOY FREE STUFF! can you make more of this?