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Reviews for "[LK] Apart"

nice melody

if you work on your mixing/mastering a bit, you could be an amazing producer!

LK412 responds:


Yea its always been a problem of mine :(

Thanks for the review.


Looooove your songs! :D:D
i dont need to say more, but you can always look at my stuff! and- Im starting to create music, thanks by you :)

LK412 responds:


Thanks a lot man!

I don't see your songs tho :\, did u upload them yet?

Very nice!

But, it still sounds like the basshunter melody, but it has different alterations. Still, very nice song! I enjoyed it from begining to end. But, the song sounds very empty. I needs some type of glitch sound in the background. (Make sure you add a flanger to that hight hat loop). So far, its becoming a really good song. Even if this is a DEMO or not, it still needs some work before perfection. Very nice song though! Good job on the mastering as well.


LK412 responds:

Although i disagree with you about the melody, your other advice and suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks a lot man!


not bad. what was your inspiration. sounds like bAsshunter if i am not mistaken, even thou i probly am. i enjoyed it. will fav you and dl the song. 5/5, 10/10

LK412 responds:

Ughhhh, i didnt try to copy basshunter, nor did i get any inspiration from him.

I just though of it like, a girl leaving on a train, and its a sad moment but then she says "Come"

and then they both get on the train, and the rest of the song is them on the train all happy :P.

Thanks for the review, the fav, and the download. :D

Preatty good

Sounds a tad empty and a lil too airy and not enough bass. Also some mastering problems. Love the melos and beats tho. preatty good.

seems like everyones breaken the law with cracks for fl9 tho.

<(*.*<) ^(*.*)^ (>*.*)>
wewt wewt wewt

LK412 responds:

Seems like you broke the law for illegally downloading Nexus. ( I saw your comments on the download page :P)

I wouldnt say it sounds empty, but i agree that the mastering isnt too good, and bass is kinda weak.

Ill fix both of those problems tho.

Thanks for the review :D!