Reviews for "SN | Once Again | SN"

Never heard this type of music from you before...

...And man, you sure are good at it! Fully of energy, and although it's maybe "too happy", the enormous amount of energy, variety, and on the whole awesomeness of this amazing audio submission definitely makes up for the exaggerated happiness this song has :P. Maybe next time you should've done a change to the minor, though :P.

Melodies are quite generic, and I've heard that chord progression somewhere before, but they're very catchy. Loved the part at 1:57, a nice break from the energetic feel this song has. What I think would be cool is if you add an ambient part somewhere in the middle where you hear the melody playing with high bells in the background, and then a drum buildup pulls the song back to its energetic form.

Instruments are slightly generic too, but the use of that plucked guitar-ish instrument that you used at the very beginning was quite creative. I think you should make the bass a little louder in the louder and more energetic parts of the song though. Nice use of sound effects, like the one at 0:15, which I think is a reverbed kick, and the effect at the intro. Vocals were nice too, but I think this needs a few more vocals to it (I don't mean you sing throughout the whole song, but a few more vocals to transit from one melody to another would be good).

Transitions were really excellently done, especially the ones at 0:15 and 1:06, and all the melodies flowed very smoothly. Excellent buildups, especially the one at the beginning, and all introductions to new melodies were smooth and well done. I liked how you introduced the saw synth in the first part of the song.

The song structure is excellent, with loads and loads of variety, which is why I'm reviewing this song after listening to it like 10-15 times (lost track... I had it on loop for around half an hour without knowing it was looping :P). Intro was really nice, definitely one of the best I've heard on NG in a while.

Ending is what I don't like (by now you must've noticed how fussy I am with endings). Although it had a brilliant effect to it, it was much too abrupt. I have a really good idea for an ending, but I don't know how to explain it, so all I can say is, make it less abrupt :P. Piano endings are hard to do, so maybe you could try ending it with the piano, saw synth and well, practically all the instruments playing together.

Drums are just flawless O.O. Seriously, do you ever get the drums wrong in your songs?? They had such a great variety, and fit excellently with the song. Drum rolls were the best I've heard on NG (take that as a huge compliment, I listen to a lot of audio on NG) and the samples are great (you just gotta love the sound of that snare). Drum beats were impressive too. Perfect job on the drums, they were great!

Remember when I said your submission Guitar Shredding was my favourite submission of yours? Well, scratch that, this one beats it by far. I usually enjoy Dance songs, but this is one of my favourites. Definitely keep up the good work, looks like Glitch isn't your only prominent genre ;). Phew, long review O_o.

-Review Request Club-

SessileNomad responds:

a change in minor is somthing ive done b4 with dance songs, i kinda just made this to fit in with all the generic trance songs

too happy is good enough for me :)

that chord progression has been used in 90% of all pop music ever, so yeah, its def. generic xD

everything about this song is generic so i agree with

lol yeah it did loop perfectly, i didnt even mean for that to happen

i could have played around with the ending a bit more, but honestly i really didnt put much thought into this track : /

lol i do pretty well on my drum tracks, im quite good at compressing and EQ'ing as far as that stuff goes

generic snare was generic, lol i actually think the snare roll should have had more notes in it, but i just left it

glitch is a very new genre of mine that i became ok at, i actually used to make a SHITLOAD of dance songs like this, except i would try to be original with them you know, not this same chord prog that everyone else uses

thanks for DL, vote, rev. fav, and smiley O_o.

lol i think its really funny that you like and guitar shredding track and this track, because i think that those two track are some of my worst of my recent tracks, i really am into the glitch/ambient/idm stuff, but you already know that

peace out dude thanks for long and informative review

Happy is I?

Very happy sounding. I believe this song is complete. Not something that will give me goosebumps, but, all in all, a very well done song. Nothing I can say will help to really improve this except maybe a remix :P Good job man!

SessileNomad responds:

i might make a remix of this later on in my life, ill probably make it more vocally, so yeah...be on the lookout xD

peace out, thx for review



This song is pure brilliant. Amzing work.

Intro was great. It instantly estabilshed the mood of the piece and the instant bang of sound nearly knocked me off my chair lol. Great work.

Melodies were fantastic too. You used a whole lot of varied and interlocking patterns which blended in very well together to produce a fantastic final result. Background depth was also fantastic. There's basically no way you could improve the background as its jsut fantastic as it is.

I liked the way u used the vocals but although they contributed a lot to the final result, they could have used a bit more of an emotion seeing as this is such a fast paced song.

Outro was great too. I liked the reverb kick u used at the end. It really finished off the piece with bang. Purely great.

Other then the vocals, i really can't think of another thing that u could improve. Great work.

-Review Request Club-

SessileNomad responds:

yeah the vocals could have been used more, but im not a good singer, mabye if i find someone in real life to sing for me, ill make a more vocal oriented track, but for now my skills lie in the notes of music

peace out dude, thanks for review, ill respond to your review with a review later, im busy alot these days


~ Review Request Club ~

This song had a lot of energy in it and was definitely something that you could dance to or at least tap your foot to or something of the sort. It was a very happy/fun song and would probably go good with any visual such as a happy scene in a movie or game.

I liked the use of vocals here, but they really did add a lot to the submission and I wouldn't mind hearing a little bit more of them added to the submission. Other than that I really can't think of anyway to improve it.

~ Review Request Club ~

SessileNomad responds:

ive been thinking about going "all out" with the vocals and doing like a track where the vocals are the lead, but i would have to write lyrics, sing on time plus make another track

thanks for the review, although this sorta track probly wont be dont again by me for a while


I liked the energy of the song, and the steriotypical BIG BLACK MAN voice. like the synth that comes in around 1:00, but soon after it sounded horrible, the whole second half sounded really bad to me, in terms of some wierd equalising and that gain, meh,, a lot of static as well. I listened with headphones so maybe it was just me. I think you needed an extra melody in there too , it got a bit boring, it was the same sheet with many effects and synth changes.

That song 'dance collab' definitely needed some more effects and more usage of the melodies by adding effects and instrument changes but I think yours needed more melodies. Sorry but the mastering of this song was bad and that thing at 1:33, never do that again lol, if you have headphones on, it sounds like someone going SSSSSSSSS through the song.

Anyway, I am really busy with University, maybe I will upgrade my song, maybe I wont... Cheers bro :D

SessileNomad responds:

i make my music on speakers, so on heaphones, shit is going to be more apparent

alot of the shit your hearing are just poor samples, like the piano i was using, when it gets to the end, and its just piano, you can really hear the clipping in the sample, i dont really know how to fix shitty samples xD

that SSSSS it just a synth that is playced underneath the main one, i personally like my synths to have a little fuzz with them

also yeah i could have thrown another melody in there, after the chorus, but i didnt, not much to say about it xD

peace dude, thx for review, i think ill go make another ambient/glitch song for ya