Reviews for "Imperial Rage"

pretty much owns.

1337 pwns n00bs u kno??


make a series! make a series!! woohoo! *ahem* is all that i can say.

That looked good!

I'm lookin foward to it! Keep it up!

Why not make a full version?

This is great, the animations, the sounds. Its perfect for a series (or at least ONE flash movie). But, anyway, great trailer (or whatever it is) 10/10

**Feels warm inside**

Nice idea, great animation, but you'd better make a full length series and get cracking on 'The Skywalkers' before I become so mad I soil myself!

Wait...oh, that's where the warmth came from...

CirrusEpix responds:

Aye Aye sir! Kidding. Thanks for taking interest. And yes, this film basically is warming the audience for the Skywalkers release nearer to Christmas.

Which will have actual animation in it!!!