Reviews for "Imperial Rage"

awwww come one man

don't leave us hanging......... please make it! It looks sooo sweet.

Awesome but one problem

Jedi arent supposed to get revenge! I mean I'm not a big Star Wars fan but that was kinda the point when Anakin slayed all the Sand People in Episode II? It was against the "Jedi Order"

very nice

very nicly done i loved the music please please send it to me my email should be in my profile but if not

Kingrichardv @ hot mail . co m

CirrusEpix responds:

the song is imperial rage remix and you can google it for a download.

Ok People like Rameer... I'm done with you

Dude fantastic short, great in every way, I loved it. Now this is what pissed me off, Rameers Post. Ok, whats wrong with this movie? He has good drawings, a plot, whihc not many movies have, and I bet this is going to be a kick ass series. Now, If rameer ever sees this, Where the hell do you get off saying that this is a piece of Crap and should be blammed? Lets see, you don't have anything, You have no movies to proof that your better, there fore This movie has rocked anything you hve ever come up with. So you can shut the hell up, untill you make something, then you can talk about how something as good as this can possibly suck so bad. Now, Again, Great movie!

CirrusEpix responds:

He probably likes the Drew Pickles Jedi Knight idea.


that wus gangstuur-fieed! cant wait tah see da real movie..