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Reviews for "Imperial Rage"

heya folks

This thing gonna come out anytime soon? Im sick of seein this whenever I go to the star wars collections. It's been 3 damn years! Either way, awesome flash.

Gladiator much?

I dont see the "epic " Story u were trying to put across but i didint get it and also if ur gonna make ur own starwars themed story dont add official character's it just cause confusion and makes people mad for no reason.


full feature would be good but this is really good too


How can you turn good for vengeance?

Give us the Full Feature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just have one question on this... he turned him self a Jedi for vengeance?.. umm.. vengeance leads to the dark side... thats one of the Jedi codes... but wth haha it was awesome. GJ