Reviews for "Imperial Rage"

Does the camera really need to cut every second?

I'll start out by saying that I didn't like it, then continue by justifying my position. The graphics looked like they took forever to do, yet the edges still came out looking unfinished because of the number of blocky-looking figures. Although the flash was in the style set by Star Wars, it had no actual action scenes- I don't count it as an action scene if you see no fighting, just the camera cutting back and forth between them during the fight. And what was with the camera cutting all the time, anyway? That effect only works if it's not overused as you've clearly done here. Don't cut away because you didn't feel like putting in the filler, make the filler to make the flash good. The only thing I really liked about the flash was the music, and that wasn't yours. Try harder next time. I don't understand why or how this made front page...

CirrusEpix responds:

True, but sometimes I think camera moves and assumed action can work too. I think this proves that animation can be limited and still convey action.

I give it 415613 out of 994150

How do you make gladiator better? you put it in the star wars universe and give the main character crazy red hair and a goatee. I think it was awesome and you should receive a medal weighing no more but maybe a little less than 40 pounds.
I generaly hate trailers because they seem like such a let down. because on NG the chances of someone who made a trailer making the full version are slim to nil, I like that you dont actually try to make any promises with this.


Gladiator.....Star wars....in one!!!!!

Pure Genious!!!!

Make it into a full length series of feel the wrath of Poo!


pretty sweet you should definatly make it longer:)

man that looks like it's gonna be a sweet series you definatly caught my attention


u really should make more on this, not just teasers. this would make a really good story.

everything was good, liked the music.