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Reviews for "Imperial Rage"


really the only thing i can say is that it would make an awesome star wars spin-off if you wont make this into a movie then someone should. in other words... your ideas intrigue me and i wish to subscribe to your newsletter...


Great artwork and also exellent imagination.it really gives u the feeling that all star wars trailers give u when u first see it.good job.try making a movie based on this someday,and give it about 3 or 4 parts.

wow wow wowowow... nice

that's are the best star wars drawings a have ever seen, it's amazing, You are one of the best artist I have ever seen, the movie... really really nice, it's just perfect...


badazz, overkill much?

anyway..... nice flash, sort of, good story set up, i used that music in one of my videos after hearing it in this ^^


Make it a full feture now. So sefish. I have 2 starving babys sucking at my tits and all you need 2 do is make 1 flash movie.