Reviews for ""Reaper's Rave""

Interesting formula of rave music

Welldone :D

good stuff

Good! I enjoyed it but I aggree with gatsumono....heavier bass would put it up another notch

Rukkus responds:

Great review man. Thank you very much. And yes, i have taken Gatsumono's suggestion into considreation. I am currently revising the song and putting in a Heavier/ Punchier bass line. Hopefully that'll get people moving about.


Very nice song, and i really mean it.....this is somthing i would listen to before a race or just blast on a stereo. or hell just for a bad ass rave, but no one does them anymore : / ethier way AWESOME SONG!!!!


I have been looking all day for a proper rave song, and I've come across jack shit. The last five somgs were not Rave, but techno or house. But thank god for this song. It's reaffirmed my faith in the fact that Newgrounds does actually host some Rave music.

This needs a bit more of a punchier bassline and maybe turning the feel from creepy to grungy. With that said, I can't wait to see if a revision is made with a punchy bassline.

For an example, google the song "Abject - In Our Memories" At the 2:40 mark, you'll get a hint of a really punchy bassline that would feel great in this song.

9/10 - just needs that extra oomph in the bassline.

Rukkus responds:

Thanks for the awesome review man. And i'd like to comfirm that i've taken you advice. I'll message you when i have the edited version of this song up, with the nastier bass line :P

There is only one word...

that would describe this song. And that word is... oh... wait... THERE ARE NO WORDS POSSIBLE IN THIS UNIVERSE TO DESCRIBE HOW AWESOME THIS SONG IS!!!!!!