Reviews for ""Reaper's Rave""

I approve

With a name like Reaper's Rave i was expecting a lower tone techno beat but it still wasn't that bad. (and no i didn't give it a 7 cause fo the name)


Another great and original piece. This could compete with some of my favorite hardstyle songs. Great work, and keep 'em coming!

I'll be sure to check out the rest of your songs.

teh 1337

this and rippin rave are prolly the single...dual...ummm? anyway they are the best ever and if any one sez any different i will have david blane smite u with his demon magic XD

This blew my away,

Anything that has to do with both death and raves makes me a happy person.

I am in love with this song!

When I listen to this song, I imagine the most kick ass Halloween rave ever! I think I'll actually do it too! The "Flaming Hair Rave" Is what I'll call it! And yes, that means that I will light my hair on fire while being a Dj for the rave! lol