Reviews for "Sonic: Legend of Blaze II"

sonic speaking

cool movies


plz make the third one soon

unbelevable this is why i put you on my favorites list you had it in u lilmario.

great series so far

this is a really great movie i hope u make the next one soon plz

So close to perfection, I love the improvement.

This was an awesome movie, just like the first, but there's one downfall. Since you added voice acting in this one, you had sounds coming from what's actually playing, and when you have the fighting and what-not, it went "silent" despite the music in the background. If the first, that was not noticed as much because there wasn't any sound coming from what's playing, just music.

What you need for the last one is sound fx. Findsounds (.com) and Flashkit (.com) give (as in free) great sound fx, and you probably get more from certain games, either recorded or ripped. Loved the movie, it deserves a 10, but the presentation faltered because of the silent spots. Good luck with the last one. ^^

good movie but i seen way better

grapichs: good but ive seen way beter i think im a bit spoild :p :p
style:its a bit difrent from the other sonick flaches becose sonick is not the main caracter for that extra points
sound:same as grapicks
violence:same as sound and grapichs
Interactivity: what Interactivity??
Humor:what Humor????

ho and if she is the ultemet live form then why is she slower then robotnick??
and why can he mind control her?
and if shes not mind concrold then why dusent she see the tricks of robotnick??
and if she is so powerfull then why dus she need the emerald or robotnick to restore her home planet?

all qustions to get an ansert to but besides that its good

and my wana now my email? just ask il mail it to you(or not)