Reviews for "Sonic: Legend of Blaze II"


both of them are relly good so far when is part 3 coming out i can't wait!

Lilmario responds:

ITS OUT!!!!! It's in my list under the revenge series.

Getting better

The voices gave Sound rating a boost, but what was with the flashy circles in space? Ahwell at least the series is good up to now.


Only a few things you made almost everyone except eggman with a girls voice it was wierd anyway the rest was good just the voices please make sonic sound like a guy next time........... <.<


YAY you did'et kill tails THIS time you allways do in your clips -_- well why do i see a lot of people likeing kagome o be in the clips this is like the 6 clip i herd her voice so wired i wish i new her she but i want to no if it's the real kagome from inuyasha or not they sound the same?


It was a little to short for my taste, and Sonic's voice was to quiet for me to hear, but I liked it.

BTW, have a Merry Christmas.