Reviews for "Sonic: Legend of Blaze II"

now thats what im talking about!


good job! that was the best sonic vs. blaze ( well actualy the first one i ever seen! ) (laughs) keep it up and make sonic: the legend of blaze! (\ /)
( '-' )
( ' )

Blaze and robotnik spot on

The voice actors for blaze and robotnik were very good but sonic and tails were poison to my unfortunate ears.Other than that this and the other legend of blaze titles are ace.


Well to be honest sonic and tails sounded like girls....But other than that it was ok.

great work man

dear god, the last part with FP THS made it seem like he fused with Virgil (DMC3), Dante (also DMC3), God, Chuck Norris, and the boss at the end of DMC1 that you take on in Super Devil trigger

Great work

Damn Robotnik did something like Naraku O_O

poor Blaze

I'll try to find part 3