Reviews for "Sonic: Legend of Blaze II"

holy crap!

to bad short sprite movies don't make it far here. This deserves some kind of reward.

you did the best that you could do.

Me and (laughing in the back) joe think that you should've thought this one through a little more before making it. The voices wasn't neccesary and the music should be a little better ;) . And u should make it a little longer next time k :) . Its your movie not mine. Also the first one is good, i could say that this one was ok i guess.

too short.

i could'nt even hear the voices because of the background music.
i wouldnt have heard what they were saying without the subtitles.
You couldnt find 2 male voice actors for sonic and tails? other than all that it was fantastic.the animation was the best part of it all.


This was cool for the story, but im not fond of the very pixelated sprites i like the other kind better and it might work better they are just to hard to view just looks odd imo, but good plot fun action...

Better sprite format...

Interesting story but needs better sprites...


yeah bad news

in the new sonic blaze dies helping silver( not gonna tell you how that be too big of a spioler but i like the vioces and now do you know what super blaze looks like?