Reviews for "Sonic: Legend of Blaze II"

Like always, another damn good movie!

The animation itself is superb! And the voice acting just makes this movie more professional! You just make me want to get flash right now and make a damn sprite movie!!! But that's not lkely to happen anytime soon :'(
Well, good luck with all the movies ur workin on!

Well,its good

Yeah,i know that the flash have voices,but it need sound effects too,plz in the part 3 add some effects =)

Lilmario responds:

I willl =)

Another great Sonic movie.

However, the voice acting on Sonic seemed a little off. But that doesnt really matter as long as everything else is great. Now Im off to see your trailors of Death of Tails 2. I havent been online in a while.

Lilmario responds:

Thanks. Get people to vote 5 eh? XD

Pretty awesome

I like it :-) And yet I'm not a huge fan of Sonic... lol

Lilmario responds:

Thanks =)


You finished this one fast! Don't know how you do it xD

The graphics were great
The special effects well is it really fair for me to judge lol!
The sounds were fantastic
The choreography was superb, everything flowed extremely well, the sounds to the music to the voice acting all well placed

Truly a great piece of sprite work! :D

Lilmario responds:

Shame the score doesn't say so =(

Get Lgd and his crew to 5 it =D