Reviews for "Sonic: Legend of Blaze II"

great now i'm even more confused.....

So was it a trap all along or did blaze have a detour before she met robontik a second time?Any way nice flash but you need a better voice actor for sonic he sounds like a 8 year old


and i thought the 1st 1 was good. the voices were very well done. Sonic sounds like he does on AoStH. cant wait 4 the next 1.

short but leaves you wanting more...

This was great and you got voice acting made it better!

It is a pretty cool Flash Production

I like what you have done with this Flash Production with but when is the final one coming out.


I loved both this and the previous movie lilmario you did a great job. Oh and 'MartiniPwnSauce' the reason why Sonic sounded girlish, is prolly due to the fact that he was voiced by a girl. Lol. Juts wanted to get that off my chest. Again, awesome work lilmario, I hope to see a 3rd movie.