Reviews for "Sonic: Legend of Blaze II"


This was awsome. you (guys) pushed sonic flashes beyond the limit and it gets this Sonic: Legend of Blaze II. I cant wait to see the thrid one.. The reason why i dident give this a full 10 was because of the voices..im not saying there were bad..im just saying..it dosent seem right in a sprite flashes... but thats just me.. Still This was awsome!!

um ok

i gave u a humor in 10 cause sonic sounded like a girl lol it was awesome except the really annoying sounds.


Although I prefer the first one, this one was great too. I like how you decided to give the characters actual voices. One note: please make the voices louder for the next one. I can't wait to see what happens next.


once again this I'm going to say that this series is good but i did prefere the first one i really do mean this when i say I'm not trying to be offence but it all seemed a bit tacked on i mean everything just kinda happened without much explaining. though its clear your animating skills have improved since the last one i hope the final one will be the best of all, maybe it'll be like the matrix series, good, bad, great

wait, blaze is the only japanese sonic character..

... that is female and don't wear pants. Why do amy, cream, and rouge have to wear clothes? because their women, and blaze broke that? wow, im suprised.