Reviews for "Donald's Pizza Heaven"

good job

awsome work man it was funny, truth in advertising haha well i have a question for Swim-The-Swan, when was the last time you tryed semen and rat poisoning?!? lol ah just kidding bud :P but yeah it was simple and fun keep it up


I like pizza 73 & Little Ceasers. Pizza hut and dominos suck. Especialy since Pizza hut put in that cheeze stuffed crust, tastes like semen and rat poisoning!


so funney. My favrite part is when the knight says i love donalds pizza heven because there are never any black pepole their.

Donald Trump

Should cash in on this idea and make a chain of Pizza Heavens damnit! Pizza Hut and Domino's Stink!

This was awesome! You did it again!

Oh my god...

I haven't laughed that hard at a flash movie in a LONG time... Unbelievably good job! Keep it up, and I look forward to checking out the rest of your movies.