Reviews for "Donald's Pizza Heaven"

alright i guess

i only like the black people remark that was it

one part i liked fuck the people you know what p.

i'm not = a racsit i.am asin!

Totally on crack... I love it

With animations so simple that even I could pull them off, that was one of the funniest things I've encountered this week. Short only of the story of a man who rescued an elderly couple trapped in thier car by breaking in the window with a frozen 20lb turkey. But that wasn't flash, that was real. I digress, good cartoon knave.


ok umm yea i havnt been on new grounds in like 4 months and i come back and this is number one i mean no offence good work but wow what happened to newgrounds what happened to all the amazing animators and the great comedians everything that ever got on the top 5 4 months ago was insanly good it was a real compitition teh storys were great teh jokes were funny but this is just low its a pizza commercial wich i believe ive seen done before but im not 100% on that so w/e


All I can say is wow..
this is like the best 'appropiate for all audiences' flash i've ever seen!