Reviews for "Donald's Pizza Heaven"


makes me think of... "somebody save me" lol, no but really kinda cute in a clean mad tv sense


For all you idiots who think this sux: GO SUCK A NUT OR TWO YOU DAMN DUMB ASS COCKNKOKERS!
This flash was very funny, I likeed the way you made them look like, Four paper cutouts placed on popsickle sticks XD
Also that it was a pizza joint add to, that was funny as hell.
Now if people would stop dissing on this flash then there might actually be some good stuff out there, but no.... Every abstract flash like this is a waste of about five minutes of your life and all the bullshit.
Well guess what you stupid fuck nut people, if you dont like it then dont be assholes and call the creator a cock sucker and all that, tell hi about how he could make it better ok?
This flash was very good if I say so for myself man, keep it up ok?


I don't get the daily feature of this. It kind of sucked. The graphics weren't half bad but the only funny joke was about black people. Other than that it played like a bad commercial that I never want to see again...blah.

Call me crazy but...

I liked this.

alright i guess

i only like the black people remark that was it