Reviews for "Donald's Pizza Heaven"

Funny stuff

At first I thought it was lame but then it turned around. You got some nice humor there. Graphics weren't awesome but they fit the purpose. Still good.


lol the voice in the end pwnt, u should do a character with that voice!!


You've still got it, i actually expected you to loose your funny after a while but you're still very humerous. Don't worry about the bad reviews, no matter what you do in life someone is going to hate it.

Wow.... Donald's Pizza Heaven

Gotta go there someday. Sounds like my kind of place. I mean, it has a onion rings, great pizza, and no black people.... i mean a make your pizza meal. Yes. :P Anyways, great flash Marc M.


that was great

Best style ever. I liked how the dragon talked with a mouth full of fire