Reviews for "Donald's Pizza Heaven"

i keep watchin it lmao

hahahaahahahahah omg

I called the number...

some guy answered...he sounded pretty pissed when i asked if there was black people there...lol, nice job now i have a date with sasper, so ill talk to you later, love you

A slice of ambiance.

First, let me just congratulate you on all the nifty goings-on in your professional career. All the National Lampoon/Comedy Central stuffs sound great. I just wish you could put more of the nifty stuff from your site here on NG, but it's understandable. Still, in the past many many months, at least there is this masterpiece here on NG from the great Marc M.

And so... Donald's Pizza Heaven begins. The visual style here is a groovy mish-mash of some of your previous works. There's the vibrant colours and insanely-varied creature/characters from Red Diamond Dragon Club but there's the "cut-out cartoon-puppets-on-sticks" feel that for some reason takes me back to Paperbag Slideshow.

But as always, your mastery is in the sound and the humour. And the extolling of the virtues of Donald's Pizza Heaven herein? Greatness. It makes me want to see a whole line of Marc M commercials. BEST COMMERCIALS EVER. I love the knight's faux pas and ensuing silence. And just the voices in general. Best voices since RDDC and My Year with the Dragon. Which... isn't... saying much, I guess, since those were the two most recent submissions before this one. Heh.

Just a great slice of Marc M-y life. "Cup of ranch to dip your crust in" has sooooooo many layers of meaning, not because of anything in this flash, but just your body of work. #;-}> I do kinda wish the dirtiness was present here, but hey, it's got the surreality, the comedy, a bit of a racist slip of the tongue, and a sinister dude being tormented by ghosts (This is where the "One time I saw a GHOST!" dude from MYWTD should have popped in, BTW). WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT? Well, gay jokes and dirty sex jokes and way more double entendres, I guess. But still, variety is nice from time to time.

The end of the commercial just ties it aaaaall together. Great job as always. Encore!

Your ad worked!

I'm ordering pizza right now!

Also, though I'd mention that I just went through all your flash animations. You're some kind of genius, Piccadilly Palare.

funny pretty funny

made me hungry talking about toppings and stuff think im gonaa order some pizza now