Reviews for "Donald's Pizza Heaven"

Now I am hungry

Is there really such a place as Donald's Pizza Heaven? I am hungry from watching this cartoon.


God, i love Sickanimation....

"I like Donald's Pizza Heaven because there's never any black people there!" Probably the funniest line because of the awkward silence after... makes the guy feel like a total racist asshole. Anyone who this that this flash is bad because of this line is a moron. See, it acknowledges that racism exists, and puts a bad spin on it. No one else like the knight's comment. Therefore, andyone who thought this was bad can just STFU.

I want to have babies with Mark M.

randomness :D lol

may i ask y?..... is there a point ? no! ......lol..... the way i like it :D:D:D:D

great, fanfuckingtastic

laughed my ass off at the "because there's no black people" part.

I loved the end and the black people thing.