Reviews for "Newgrounds Jigsaw"

I thought this was good fun

This was a fun jigsaw but the back beat got on my nerves after a while

hes rite

yeah hes rite the peices need to be able to snap together and like maybe a reward or something that tells u that ur finished i mean and more than just the same freakin beat over and over and over again i almost quit because that was so annoying and like at first i wasnt even sure if i was finished or not i mean come on

and really make it so the freakin pieces can freakin snap

Good Game

The pictures weren't the best, but hey, the game was good. You did well with the high score thing, as it works! (Most games don't).

Sound was annoying, but other than that, great game!

Keep up the flash! Good work!

Cool Game

Does the highscore work for everyone to see or is just your own personal highscores?

i did it in 18 sec.

Oh ya HAHA lol

Get rid of the last peice :P