Reviews for "Newgrounds Jigsaw"

least it's more

Reading your response, I decided to check out another submission of yours.

+++ I like jigsaw puzzles. Not many on NG.

+++ The logo is a pic we all know and love.

++ Piece-dragging works as it should.

---- I really think the pieces should 'click' into place when close enough. Yeah, I know that this is annoying to code and each piece will need seperate coding. But it makes it far, far more enjoyable as the final pic will be properly aligned. It's far easier to fit pieces in real life than when the other edges are only virtual. Compensate for this.

--- No ending screen. I only know this through my cheating. Could be done by changing a flag on each piece and advancing when all flags are set.

I did about half of it, then got bored and got annoyed at the messy-looking pic. I didn't want to bother finishing it when the final result wouldn't look good.

At least it's more original than a dress-up game.

Chindamo responds:

Oh god... Of all the submissions you could've checked out... Believe me, I had NO IDEA what I was doing back then. This is like, what, my second submission, and I really am not very proud of it. If you want to look at some of my submissions, I recommend: Space Revenge 2, Race Master, and =Mars Patrol=. Have a good one mate.

((( FUN )))

This was fun, it is abit small though, maybe make the screen size abit larger somehow, the puzzle was neat and fun but needs to be bigger, anyways nice game make more sometime...

add more puzzle besides just the one, and make the windowsize much bigger...

Fun puzzle game but needs more to it...


Not bad

But it's kinda anoing. I hope you ll make a better version, when you stoped beeing a noob.

First of all: The pieces should float to their rigth position, when you drop them there. I spend half time puting them in the rigth place. And still in the end it didn't fit together at all.

Second: something should happen, when all you complete it. At least play a sound.


I thought this was good fun

This was a fun jigsaw but the back beat got on my nerves after a while

hes rite

yeah hes rite the peices need to be able to snap together and like maybe a reward or something that tells u that ur finished i mean and more than just the same freakin beat over and over and over again i almost quit because that was so annoying and like at first i wasnt even sure if i was finished or not i mean come on

and really make it so the freakin pieces can freakin snap