Reviews for "Newgrounds Jigsaw"

Oh boy...

Nothing special here at all.

Graphics: A cutup NG logo and a blue background. Meh.
Sound: At least you went as far as to include a loop.
Gameplay: Flash jigsaws have been done before, but this is particularly bad. The pieces are too small to work with. Most importantly there isn't a "piece locking" system or anything really for that matter. just a bad drag 'n' drop that might as well be a dess-up game.

Overall: Just a poor game. Try harder next time.

really shoulda fine tuned first

ya...i clicked on the first few pieces...and then....yep...that was it...i didn't blam it, but nevertheless, it's gonna get blammed...

kool i guess

i just played it so people kould see teh keis high score


Barney Bunch Alert! Blam this

Cool Game

Does the highscore work for everyone to see or is just your own personal highscores?

i did it in 18 sec.