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Reviews for "Akira The Don - CLONES"

Akira and Zef made me sex wee

I must say, after hearing the mp3 you sent me ages back, I was surprised to hear Bashy take the second verse, but it was still a brilliant job. If I had some money I'd rush to buy the single (but I have to use what I have as postage to send a letter to my GF in Ohio)
Make sure you get me involved in the future ;)

good stuff

I really enjoy your work. Looking forward to more stuff from you.

make more

that is one of the best that i have seen make more like it

Im speechless

Well i don't know what I could say that you should improve. I really was left speechless. Funny thing was im watching farenheight nine eleven. Almost everything said in this was true. People that rap about the goverment and truthful things will always get my support by me listening and getting the message across to everyone. Your animation was great but didnt always completley match what was said. Anyway happy Thanksgiving you made my day


Just wow- this is probably my alltime fav animation- yeah, I don't really agree with the views but still a great film, It's got me into animating again!