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Reviews for "Akira The Don - CLONES"


it's got a good message too !

make more

that is one of the best that i have seen make more like it

i hated the music

because ime a metal fan and im very biased but i respect it very very much cos its got a real message. im english and i know what you are on about. stupid army of sheep ppl funding the capitalist wasr machine with their idiotic consumerism.


ANother very good song from akira! I love how this video was so fucked up! But the part with the crapping was.......... different......
anyway this is cool-u could make music vids for actual bands if u wanted! Oh wait-you are a band! Sorry! ANyway-awesome, the ending was kick ass-with the skull and shit...yeah....emo.....

pretty sweet

i've never actually seen any of your other works, but if they are anything like this than you, my man, are a god.... skittles.