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Reviews for "Akira The Don - CLONES"


i have been watching your movies and so far there all awsum

the truth... THE TRUTH!!!!!

"all are one- one are all." this is a music video that teaches us a moral: to hate famous people! im kidding. anyway, i feel this movie will be truth one day.. Sooner and sooner, were all becoming one. and as i said earlier- one are all. the world will be a hypnotized army bent on destruction. the only survivors will be people in bomb shelters and destroyed warehouses.. all alone. "im all alone, so are we all." it will happen.. soon.

all are one and one are all

This is my favourite ATD music video, mainly cuz at the end he ripped his face off but the rest was still awsome. you are a gifted artist and you just GOTTA keep popping these out.

That's beautiful, man

HST shot himself, but I loved that bit.
(I'm sure you knew that)

Keep up the EXCELLENT work.


Once again, with the combination of you and ATD, amazing submission. All of ATD's music is deep, and this is one of them. I suppose giving humor a 10 was weird to most, but I have a morbid sense of humor and find face-ripping death amazingly humorous. So, Keep up it all. Maybe a "Genocide Is Coming To The USA" Video, eh?