Reviews for "Megaman Collab"


That movie is so awesome! The MMBN and MMZ parts were cool. And the Mentos commercial parody was great. You deserve a 5/5 and 10/10 Overall.

Haha, sweet :D

Glad i could be part of it.

Great authors = Great colab

Simple but true that was a great megman colab nice backgorund music to go with the fight and I like the naruto meets megaman fight shadowman vs megaman all great fight scenes were flawless it flowed great can wait for the next one. keep it up


i really like how the whole collab was put together, and nice subbing btw lol

Thank you guys!

Althought I'm slightly biased towards sprite animation, this one is very good, the animation flies well between each segment, the song is cool, and, all in all, this movie rocks. A big thank you for adding to the overall quality of New grounds!