Reviews for "Megaman Collab"

i liked the mentos part!

Ronskie ditto and right when i started looked at extras already thought it was 3/5 but i watch it omg this is incredible

No jokes, I watched this back on 2006 when I was 7 yrs old but just made my newgrounds account this day. It's so great, can't forget this. I love this movie, I wish I can go back on my childhood days.

Four and a half stars; I choose this only because the individual collab animations where not in sync with the overall music and the fact individual collab animations don't have any background music at all. The action and choreography is top notch though and I recommend this for any Megaman fan that wishes to engage in an expanded universe outside of the official canon.

I loved this movie. This movie is simply.......AWESOME!!!!!
I added it to my favorites. I love the mentos part too!!!
I'ts so funny.... XD