Reviews for "Megaman Collab"

Absoluty Spectacular!

This Flash is amazing, I dont know were to start.

I really enjoyed the mini-game during the pre-loader. hell even the minigame itself would get a decent score eh?

The music was an excellent choice! I liked how you put the lyrics in both languages.

I also watched all the extras. My favourite was "Mentos" - funny stuff. : )

You guys paid so much attention to detail its crazy!, For your efforts and such. Fiven! This is Front Page material
Best of luck to all of you in the future! I hope to see more flash soon!

Great job!

I loved all the parts! This will go straight to the first page.

I dont like spritemovies, but make it in a collab was a good idea, not boring though.... great job!
Keep up the good work...


The collab was very big. For what it was, anyway.
I really didn't like the music you picked, japanese music really does suck alot. It was a good collab and the mini game was very nice.


amazing everything, good work all of you...

friggen awesome!

WOW i've NEVER seen a sprite movie that awesome before!great work!

--Wicked Biscuits