Reviews for "One Minute Rag"


I love ragtime too. Now this ain't no Scott Joplin, but its got its own unique, light, upbeat feel. Im lovin it.

very cool

keep writing ragtime, sounds good

You could have called it one megabyte rag

cause it's exactly one megabyte in filesize

If scott joplin hadn't died, i swear this may have been his piece.


I thought this was a pretty nice song, just not one of my favorites. I think the thing I liked the most about this was probably how you just seemed to set out to make a nice, pleasant tune. There's nothing too fancy or flashy about this, just a nice song. I could see this sort of thing being used in something done in the style of an old silent movie. I'm not that big a fan of ragtime, but this is still great. It's just very pleasant sounding music.

It gives off the impression of just wanting to be in a pleasant area. It makes you think about going through your day in a carefree manner. It's nice to hear something so inspiring. It probably could have used more variety, but still a very nice song. If something is good, don't change it.