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Reviews for "Motion tween tutorial"

good tutorial but..

the barney bunch have been at it again and i thikn you should watch over your tutorial till it passes judgement you know?good work though!wouldn't want to ssee it wasted!;D

--Wicked Biscuits

FragGrenade responds:

Them fuckin scumbags, and thanks for the info

Useful tutorial

For peolple who are just starting flash this is a very useful tutorial. You did a good job. I also liked the background music.

FragGrenade responds:

Thank you, shucks, i picked the background music myself

Vey nice

This tutorial did infact help me although you kinda lost me at times you still got the point through.

Does the job, and cool music :)

I was feeling that beat while I was going through the steps. Also the format that you used was simple and un-cluttered.

FragGrenade responds:

Feel the beat man Feel it

Really good, man.

Nice tutorial, could've been better, could've been worse. Good job.

FragGrenade responds: