Reviews for "Blobbles- ep. 2"


Thank's man, i going to make bluberry pie :D_D:D:D:

JonBro responds:

Be careful, now! You don't want your house to explode!

Thanks for the review

2/4 is my favorite; excellent new series

Hilarious without the use of vulgarity, toilet humor, or ultraviolence? I salute you, Blobbles!

JonBro responds:

Uh, thanks... I don't like vulgarity or toilet humor anyways. Ultraviolence is okay-no, awesome, I just don't get around to animating it.


I Love This Movie!!!

I L0V3 THIS M0VI3!!!


So funny in the ending, LOL!

very funny

How do youi make blueberry pie? Now you know..