Reviews for "Fast n' Quik Thxgvng mvie"

lolololololololololololol all my 5 belong to this!

funny as hell!!!!!! and what the crap is blueberry bread?????????

funymony responds:

OMG! You never had blueberry bread!? *GASP!*

well... If you haven't, thats ok.

You should go get a blue-berry muffin..
In fact, I want one right now. I think i'll get one on my way to get a haircut... Mmm.. Muffin...



funymony responds:

Gobble Gobble gobble!?
GOBBLE! *wiggles*

*pecks at the ground* *looks up at the rain*


loved it, :D

No! Me Todd!!

Hah yes, the best quote in the movie. Cool stuff, made me laugh a lot. Even the drawings, with would normally be considered awful, have charm to it!

And that's why I decided to vote 5/5. Goodnight!

OH man....

what the hell was that??? I have no clue, but that sure was funny. I love things that are so horribly stupid that it makes you laugh. It's a terrible flash in all honesty, but I laughed so freaking much I have to give it an 8!