Reviews for "Fast n' Quik Thxgvng mvie"

bad start - good end

Starts up a little slow.
But then the characters start to make sense right around the middle when they get hungry and they're drawn better. Then you throw in fruit which is ok, the story was already a little off.

Now for a little consistancy, because the beginning puts this in danger of trigger happy reviews.

good one

well, since im canadian... thanksgiving is in early october and not late november, but this Thanksgiving animation was pretty good, very nice drawings and it was quite entertaining.
i liked this one.

funymony responds:

heehee. I never knew that. =D

The drawings aren't ALL THAT. But they wheren't made to beee. =O

Meow. Well, Back to work! *runs off*


not bad

first off al thanx giving is in october not late nov.and your graphics
could be a little better I think.but the music was fun.keep trying


funymony responds:

=O Not all places celebrate Thanksgiving during October though. Some celebrate during late november.
And after ThanksGiving over here on late november, we have BLACK FRIDAY! WHERE EVERYTHING IS 50% OFF! EVERYONE GOES HOLIDAY SHOPPING MAD CRAZY!

=O thanks for your review. <(=^-^+)>

reviews highly appresiated?

well heres one for you......................


funymony responds:

You spelt Appreciated wrong....

=O Shows how smart YOU are.
You can atleast tell me WHY you didn't like the movie.

I hope you get raped in the alley by a dog. THATS RIGHT, A DOG.

Thanks for trying to review.