Reviews for "Fast n' Quik Thxgvng mvie"

lolomgwtf ??

even tho that diddnt really have much to do wit thanksgiving it woz still randomly funny as hell!

good, but very strange

this is so random...

turkey planet? wtf...

this was good though... and i liked the pokemon sequence

make one for christmas, i look forward to it

maybe polish up the graphics a bit..



funymony responds:

Man, penguins are teh heat! you gotta have penguins atleast in ONE of your movies that you ever make in your entire life.

Penguins, they will rise from the underground one day. And take over... take over everything.

((( HAHA FUNNY )))

Haha this was funny, i love the characters well minus the sticks, anyways you presented a decent flash and i really liked the use of color, and the "VOICES" were really good nice animation, hope to see more soon...

More randomness would be cool...

Lots of stuff happens on this but you all will love it...


funymony responds:

Hahaha, thanks. The stickfigures are a phase. But now, I am killing them off. >=O .... now they have square torso's and are growing FINGERS! *high five* Thanks for the review. Haha, there are some complaints that sometimes there TOO MUCH randomness.

im going 2 flippin shoot u

good but ill ill shoot u anyway!!!!!