Reviews for "Fast n' Quik Thxgvng mvie"

lolololololololololololol all my 5 belong to this!

funny as hell!!!!!! and what the crap is blueberry bread?????????

funymony responds:

OMG! You never had blueberry bread!? *GASP!*

well... If you haven't, thats ok.

You should go get a blue-berry muffin..
In fact, I want one right now. I think i'll get one on my way to get a haircut... Mmm.. Muffin...


This was cool man. Loved the monthy phython esque way of sewing scenes together. And you had a touch of their absurdism in it too. I have seen better graphix though ( and much worse ). Anyways I could watch this sort of movies a couple of times just because the humour kicks ass.

Although the voice acting was funny ( especially the mom ) maybe it's an idea to find a few more voice actors ?

funymony responds:

Heh, stitching scenes. Thats a great way to describe that.

=O Me and my friend quickly made a script,
We did voices one night, and put the movie together.
The next day I quickly scribbled out things you people call "GRAPHICS" and immediatly ran over to the school and gave them the movie.

Yes, the movie was made in two days.
Thus explaining, the wierd graphics, the humor, and the crazyness.

The next movie won't be as confusing.

bad start - good end

Starts up a little slow.
But then the characters start to make sense right around the middle when they get hungry and they're drawn better. Then you throw in fruit which is ok, the story was already a little off.

Now for a little consistancy, because the beginning puts this in danger of trigger happy reviews.

lolomgwtf ??

even tho that diddnt really have much to do wit thanksgiving it woz still randomly funny as hell!

Worth a Proc.

The animation is sub-par, but the humor isn't. Blueberry bread, LOL.