Reviews for "Fast n' Quik Thxgvng mvie"

not bad

first off al thanx giving is in october not late nov.and your graphics
could be a little better I think.but the music was fun.keep trying


funymony responds:

=O Not all places celebrate Thanksgiving during October though. Some celebrate during late november.
And after ThanksGiving over here on late november, we have BLACK FRIDAY! WHERE EVERYTHING IS 50% OFF! EVERYONE GOES HOLIDAY SHOPPING MAD CRAZY!

=O thanks for your review. <(=^-^+)>

good one

well, since im canadian... thanksgiving is in early october and not late november, but this Thanksgiving animation was pretty good, very nice drawings and it was quite entertaining.
i liked this one.

funymony responds:

heehee. I never knew that. =D

The drawings aren't ALL THAT. But they wheren't made to beee. =O

Meow. Well, Back to work! *runs off*


im going 2 flippin shoot u

good but ill ill shoot u anyway!!!!!



funymony responds:

Man, penguins are teh heat! you gotta have penguins atleast in ONE of your movies that you ever make in your entire life.

Penguins, they will rise from the underground one day. And take over... take over everything.

good, but very strange

this is so random...

turkey planet? wtf...

this was good though... and i liked the pokemon sequence

make one for christmas, i look forward to it

maybe polish up the graphics a bit..