Reviews for "Fast n' Quik Thxgvng mvie"

No! Me Todd!!

Hah yes, the best quote in the movie. Cool stuff, made me laugh a lot. Even the drawings, with would normally be considered awful, have charm to it!

And that's why I decided to vote 5/5. Goodnight!

((( HAHA FUNNY )))

Haha this was funny, i love the characters well minus the sticks, anyways you presented a decent flash and i really liked the use of color, and the "VOICES" were really good nice animation, hope to see more soon...

More randomness would be cool...

Lots of stuff happens on this but you all will love it...


funymony responds:

Hahaha, thanks. The stickfigures are a phase. But now, I am killing them off. >=O .... now they have square torso's and are growing FINGERS! *high five* Thanks for the review. Haha, there are some complaints that sometimes there TOO MUCH randomness.

Ed and Todd are quite the pair

I loved this movie. It is now my favorite Thanksgiving movie now. They allowed you to show this at school??

funymony responds:

Hahaha, oh yes, toally. Hahaha, I haven't replied to this in a year, how could I have missed it? They showed it, and are still showing old cartoons i've made. Really popular stuff, People LOVe animation.



funymony responds:

Gobble Gobble gobble!?
GOBBLE! *wiggles*

*pecks at the ground* *looks up at the rain*

radomness is why god created flash

hi just reviewing to say ignore all the stiffs that say ur movie sucks cos its pointless and random cos that is partly what makes a great flash movie even though the graphics werent that good it still made me laugh like hell for the whole ovie and short period after anyway keep up the good work and keep trying to improve your skills

funymony responds:


Why can't more people think like you?

Thanks for your awesome pawsum review.