Reviews for "TCB - A Touch of Two Step"

very tasty

love the vibe and i agree...love the part at 4:00...everything sounds good takin' care of. Yeah i fav this cokebitch.

thecokebitch responds:

Cheers man, yeah its aiight hahaha


this is gorgeous, words really can't describe it. it has so much sound to it, and all of the sounds are extra rich. this is probably one of my new favs on NG, bar none. the production level is extremely good on this, and the vocals and everything in the background reminds me of something i'd hear in a clothing store at a mall. i really like how it has elements from ambient music mixed with dubstep. really nice man; keep it up!

thecokebitch responds:

Cheers for the awesome review man!
I was hoping for some criticism though ha, because personally i dont really like this song...

But, in making this, ive further developed and approached a sound that i do like =D

So in saying that, i've got a couple of up n comin's that will be submitted in the near future, and i'd like to see what you of them... Keep an eye out =P


nice i like it reli very gooooooooooooooooooooooooood gt ani more

thecokebitch responds:

sweeeeeeet, yeah bro - one more is up nowwwww


Fuckin' wootage!

thecokebitch responds:

=P cheers man!!!!!


The distortion effect is prty nice

Very unique in my opinion. What programs do you use?

thecokebitch responds:

Thanks! umm for this song it was just fruity loops 9