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Reviews for "Megaman Legends - Ruins Theme"

Ah the memories

I loved the legends series and this remix is top notch, if they remade the game they would use this also for your next remix how about megaman legends 2 train battle?

ProudOne responds:

Sounds good XD Now i just need to beat the game again to listen to the song Hahah xD Thank you!

Got a download from me

Having just played through MML2 again its great to hear some quality takes on the soundtrack (one of the best I've heard in a video game). I'd love to see some more songs so I'll second the train battle from MML2 (preferably the second phase, yes there is actually a difference).

Excellent work on this one though, a great take on one great song. Can't wait to hear more!

ProudOne responds:

I think i'll try the train battle, then! Thank you! I connect a lot of wasted days to that game XD

o god Ahhhhhhhhhhsweet memories Ahhhhhhhhhhh


ProudOne responds:

To the time when games were still awesome and long, aye.

Cool track

And for someguy789 :

He got a bad review because YOU ARE AN IDIOT? That seems fair.

I'll 10/10 and 5/5 to compensate for his idiocy.

ProudOne responds:

I lol'd... Thank you <3


memories...sweet memories Ahhhhhhhhhhh"

ProudOne responds:

Don't we all love to think back to when our own personal world was a-okay? XD