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Reviews for "Megaman Legends - Ruins Theme"


I have . . . never heard ANYone capture the balck gates as PERFECTly as you have. This is absolutely amazing!

If you're still taking song ideas, might I suggest Bonn Bonne's battle theme from Megaman Legands 1?

ProudOne responds:

Hey thank you! I'm not sure if i can do that since I'm not really big on Arcade style music but i'll try!

Good job.

You've done it, you're the first of the future few 10/10 & 5/5 votes that I'll ever give out. This song just takes the old one and Improves it in every aspect, as far as I can hear, there's nothing wrong with this.

ProudOne responds:

Thank you alot <3

I will probably remix some more Megaman Themes pretty soon because im fascinated by their simple yet awesome sounding compositions.