Reviews for "Chronicles of the Slayer"

yay buffy!!!!

i really like buffy so... but you gotta get better graphics


Cool game, found the tutorial very confusing though

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks! You're probably not alone on finding the tutorial confusing, there was quite a lot to explain though.


do you like the preschool 'little people'? the characters kind of remind me of them, only Buffyized. Need a little more contrast with the graphics, it was kind of hard to tell where the chasm actually was. But overall the Game was good, but the end demon was too hard to beat... I kept hitting him and hitting him and the red line was like gone, but he just wouldn't die. But otherwise pretty cool... keep making games.

ChromeShark responds:


Thanks for the review! I hadn't noticed the similarity with 'little people', I thought they wree kind of like lego people. I don't really think the end boss is that hard, not once you get the hang of it. I'll definitely make more games, thanks ;)


loved it, nice game based off another prop

ChromeShark responds:


good game

that was a pretty nice game. this one had a very nice plot and storyline to it, good graphics and characters, very nice gameplay and it was a highly effective time killer. this one had pretty much everything that i look for in a good game.
very nice work on it.

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the review, seem like a lifetime ago I made this. I wonder if I'll ever make a sequel..

(..that wasn't a hint that I have one in the works, I can't really do these any more because of copyright issues, but I'd love to make one if I get the chance one day).