Reviews for "Chronicles of the Slayer"

im not that big a fan of buffy.

but i ike this. seeing this on the preview thing on ng mag i was a bit skeptical but now i have to say this game is fun. nice work.

ChromeShark responds:

I tried really hard to make this appeal to anyone, whilst still keeping enough show references to make it a game for the fans. I'm pleased to hear a non-fan like it. Thanks.

Good Game...!!

very well put together little game....it took me a lil bit how to run the game but after that good game...
1. the graphics were awsome.
2. the sound was good and was from the series methinks
3. the style was awsome....(were ish Oz. i know he is not till later but i love werewolfs..^_^)
4. the violence very well placed..
5. the same goes for 4
6 not supposed to be funny
good game make more with oz...
you have been judged and found worthy

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks a lot for the good review. Glad you liked the graphics, not everyone has got them. The sound was from Angel, for some reason it worked better than the Buffy music. I really like Oz too, hence his inclusion as a secret character. Can't say yet whether there'll be a sequel with him playable, but I hear that Mutant Enemy has an Oz based movie planned. Thanks again.

Great job dude!

Dis is teh PWN! I just love holding twin blades and slicing and sawing and hacking and killing and bashing and arrowing and--


But heck graphics 6 because everyone has a sqare base.

ChromeShark responds:

Square base characters are much easier to work with, many gameplay features would have either been impossible (or at least much harder to make) without them. Thanks for the good review.

Anything Buffy/Angel = amazing in my books.

Amazing, I loved it. I think the fighting system was a little.. meh for me, getting those quick combo's were kinda tricky, especially buliding up long ones. So I mainly resorted to just button mashing :p. I too only played up to the highschool, and outside of the dry dialogue - trying not to be too critical here, thinking of good lines for this kinda stuff has got to be difficult! But other than that. the only real issue was the moment where Buffy was protecting Spike. If this was sometime between the end of season four and the beggining of season five than I don't think Buffy would have really taken him to Giles and worried that he almost died.. Outside of that I would have to say this is one very cool game!

ChromeShark responds:

You could be right about Spike. The idea was that Buffy thought he was linked to the demons, but we cut a scene just before Buffy finds him, so I guess it didn't make total sense without it. I couldn't do a Buffy game without Spike though ;)

Thanks for the review!

I like

This game is very fun.

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks : )